Sun Signs: Aries (21.03 – 20.04)


Here we are in the middle of April, with this year’s Aries time almost gone! Among the funny photos that I’ve seen during this not so funny pandemic spring there was one with an isolated man celebrating his birthday by himself, all dressed up, surrounded by confetti,  with a birthday cake in front of him. The picture also had a title: “people born in March and April in the following weeks”. Well, I particularly noticed that funny photo because…I received it as a birthday gift from one of my friends on the morning of my 37 anniversary this March 2020.

There’s a beautiful Romanian poem called “Rain in the month of Mars”. One of our famous artists also made a song with the same lyrics. I consider it “my” poem & “my” song since March is “my” month. For almost 25 years I considered myself an Arian. While reading various descriptions of this astrological sign, I easily recognized myself and I was proud to be born at the spring equinox, the first day of Aries. When I started studying astrology I was almost shocked to discover that actually I am more Piscean than Arian (with the Sun at 29 degrees and 55 minutes Pisces at the moment of my birth). Meanwhile I fully integrated this paradox of my chart (with both Pisces and Aries activated by different planets), but I still have a special sympathy for “my first astrological identity”, Aries. 🙂 So let’s a have a quick look at this sign’s astro-portrait!

Aries is about firmly releasing a straight-forward energy in an independent and impatient style. These individuals are strongly self-centered and generally seem to always be in search of a new challenge. This happens because Aries represents the intention of experiencing individual victories and increasing courage during stressful circumstances. Aries is also an intuitive sign, with a special gift of quickly drawing out the essence of a situation and taking steadfast first steps in accordance to those intuitions.

Although many people find Arians egoistical, I think they don’t usually do that in a narcissistic manner, but rather  in a self-driven one. They do not need to be in the center of attention of anyone else’s, they actually need to be left alone and act by themselves, free of commitments that would only delay the achievement of their ideas. Aries is not a follower. He is a leader for himself.

This is why these individuals are best when being able to express their tremendous energy and take initiative. Different pioneering roles are usually expressed under the signature of this sign as well as a strong capacity for regeneration. As Fritz Riemann put it, Arians are like a roly-poly toy, quickly recovering themselves after sharply spending all their energy on something new and exciting.

Negative expressions of this sign might include nervousness, an angry general mood, aggressiveness and a disturbing competitive attitude, impatience, anxiety, anti-social manners, abandonment of initial steps as they perceive perseverance as boring.

Having all that said, I wish you a happy birthday if you are among the celebrated people of these times. Have a safe, healthy and beautiful spring!

Sun Signs: Pisces (20.02-20.03)


Following the annual time of Aquarius, the sign of Pisces closes the zodiacal circle and thus signifies the end of a cycle and its final synthesis. Pisces means experiencing life through a special kind of emotional participation: a boundless fusion with the inner states of others. Therefore, those of us powerfully imprinted with the Piscean way of perceiving become very sensitive to the diffuse atmospheres created between the subtle, infinite emanations of all beings.

An opened connection with the universal flow of the collective unconscious makes it possible for the Piscean nature to translate and refine emotions that others cannot point out or recognize. Pisces do that through an abstract manner of looking at life, using imagination and a kind of artistic flair. That is why we cannot fully grasp the inner life of this human type without understanding what meditation is, for Pisces – no matter how evolved one nativity might be or not – is naturally using a contemplative and detached attitude in order to translate into their personal metaphor the mixture of emotions, impressions, dreams, ideals that they pick up from everywhere they go.

Empathy and sensitiveness easily emerge out of this inner openness or availability. Pisces feels both the suffering and the most refined beauties of human soul without discrimination. Another natural inclination of this type is being attracted to mysticism and spirituality in an attempt to reunite itself with the divine Source of life. Pisces thus represents the test of transcending the limits of our human nature and going further than the ego allows us.

One of their main challenges is dealing with their predilection to the victim-savior pattern. Pisces need to learn not to sacrifice themselves uselessly and let people confront their own problems.

We might also point out a certain transparency and haziness of this multifaceted personality. Although all Pisceans are extremely sensitive, there are also some of them of a more mental and realistic disposition. Those are the ones capable of absorbing a huge volume of information and usually seem to be a living encyclopedia. For example, Albert Einstein was a Piscean.

As any other zodiacal sign, Pisces is also prone to some specific faults. Among these, the most problematic are: lack of practical sense, wasting their lives in a continuous day-dreaming, lack of discrimination, solidity and personal structure; developing all sorts of addictions and avoiding reality; inner chaos, victimization.

Keeping Pisces in balance means integrating the other three archetypes of the mutable cross:

  • Gemini: lucidity; sharpness; emotional detachment;
  • Virgo: disciplined attention to details; practicality;
  • Sagittarius: optimism, faith in adventurous initiatives.

So I end my article with an appropriate wish: may your highest dreams become fully achievable!

You can watch the Romanian version of this material here.

Neptunian Insights and The Black Sea

This year started with an introspective mood for me. It’s always like that, since January is usually strong imprinted with planets transiting the 12th house of my birth chart. This type of astro-vibe is about new starts germinating while we don’t clearly see or feel them yet. Meanwhile , 12th house transits take us to total surrender, a state which usually frustrates modern people and generates worries, helplessness, anguish. There is an impulse to let go of old projects that once seemed important to us or to isolate ourselves into contemplation, day-dreaming, total detachment. This is a very interesting phase since in our world we are most comfortable with having clear purposes, staying focused and delivering results, but it is very important to honor these final stages of various cycles while not trying to accelerate new beginnings. Why? Because, as Steven Forrest puts it, the final meaning of our life experiences is to generate changes in our consciousness. The 12th house represents this kind of synthesis. Even if we think that nothing is left of certain motivations or actions that previously gave meaning to our lives, they still remain in us, in a subtle form and take us further to new fresh starts.

So I always start a new year with this kind of energy. I try to optimize it by meditating, attending art events, opening myself to spirituality and making room for whatever outsets will surprise me when transiting planets will reach the 1st house of my birth chart. In this 12 house context I also made a trip to the Black Sea – an infinite tranquility in an infinite space – and I took some photographs that I want to share with you.

You can also watch a clip with films and images from this trip here. I hope you will enjoy it!

A Fresh Start for a New Year

Happy New Year, dear friends!

If you ever wondered how does winter look like in Romania’s mountains, here’s how 2020 started for me:

Sun Signs: Capricorn (22.12-20.01)


On December 22nd the Sun enters Capricorn and we celebrate the winter solstice. Let’s take a look at this sign’s psychological characteristics, particularities, strategies, evolutionary directions, possible shadows an their remedies!

Capricorn is about our ability to give thorough shape to complex, functional and useful both personal and business projects. This impulse comes from deep realism, a very organized and self-disciplined spirit, emotional self-control and the ambition of fulfilling our intentions, no matter how much time we might need for that.

In our psyche, the Capricorn archetype gives rise to the awareness of personal authority and competence, together with the thrive to accomplish important things for which we would earn respect from the whole society. This kind of evolution implies interest for administrative and political aspects and a very responsible attitude towards them.

For an individual whose birth chart contains a strong Capricornian or saturnian signature being a good manager, keeping focus on his ambitions and intentions while preserving time and resources so that they can sustain long-term efforts are natural inborn strategies. The integrity of sustaining highly responsible missions and a business-like approach are also natural instincts for Capricorn.

It is also frequently stated that these individuals seem wise like the elders even from childhood. The are from the beginning reliable, serious-minded, pragmatic, mature. All these traits are also connected with their affinity of preserving the past. Capricornians have a special sense of time passing, so that nothing that comes out of their minds and hands could be considered superficial or precipitated. This kind of people know how to be patient.

Capricorn also has the ability of resisting through difficulties, lack of resources that would make others give up easily. For Capricorn this kind of endurance is possible first of all because his purposes are always realistic formulated and secondly because he is able and generally enjoys to work in solitude. With this stoic conduct, Capricorn builds various inner and outer structures with solid rules and procedures, so that his whole life could be seen as a construction site with many works in progress.

As any other sign, Capricorn also can fail – avoid or exaggerate his impulses – and manifest his shadows: pessimism, cynicism, avarice and parsimony, emotional rigidity, using others, social climbing and abusive control or use of political power. The astrological cure for these possible negative behaviors are indicated by the other cardinal signs: Aries helps Capricorn respect the independence of everybody and infuses the personality with optimism, ardor, energy; Cancer encourages sensibility and attention to the emotional realm as well as to family and intimacy; Libra values harmony, equal cooperation, sharing, asking for and accepting help from others.

With a Capricornian spirit, I wish you a life full of integrity and wisdom!

*** You can watch the Romanian video version of this article here.

ASTRO-FORECASTS: 9-15.12.2019


Dear friends,

Here’s a brief description of this week’s astro-vibe:

* Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius

Key-concepts: exaltation and various opportunities for ascensional steps towards a new, higher level of life; we might feel that we are gradually entering the next chapter of our evolution while still finishing old business with certain past relationships or situations.

* Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

Key-concepts: leaving behind philosophies that are no longer sustained by reality; we are trying to find peace between pure optimism, faith and the actual state of things that might be far from functional; we need to find the best, applicable, efficient and upright policies; preoccupation with the philosophy of materialism and correct gain of wealth; time tests: some of our relationships might be tested; different interactions with old people or with those that hold authority positions; for some of us this could be a harvest time after long-term efforts.

* Full Moon on December 12th

Key-concepts: interactions with teachers or acting as teachers ourselves; for some of us old income sources might become blocked – in this case we need to ask ourselves what is the evolutionary purpose of this blockage, whether we need to move on towards new activities or keep patience; for others, this could be a good time to start collaborations that need sustained work, effort and competence, but can also prove to be material advantageous.

You can watch the video with the Romanian version of this article here.

Have an interesting and happy week!

ASTRO-FORECASTS: 2-8.12.2019


Dear friends,

Here’s a brief description of this week’s astro vibe, the way I see it:

* Sagittarius energy

Key-concepts: searching for meaning, purpose and symbolic answers; idealism; visionary impulse; big ideas; test of faith; defining personal beliefs; jumping to conclusion; intuitive thinking; broad perspectives of life; long distance journeys; adventures and exploration; meeting interesting strangers; imposing our freedom in an imperative manner; good sense of humor. It is best to avoid overindulgence with ourselves and to accept certain realistic and useful limits.

* Scorpio contribution (Mercury & Mars)

Key-concepts: keeping important thoughts for ourselves; cleaning painful thoughts out of our minds; profound thinking; delving into unconscious and healing intense wounds; dark secrets uncovered; penetrating actions; passion and magnetism accompany our way of asserting ourselves; regeneration of will power.

* Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

Key-concepts: we might be involved in meetings with older people or with certain authority figures (managers, employees in the public system etc.); approaching relationships with patience, self-control, seriousness and reliability; taking time before falling in love; avoiding shallow situations in partnerships; conservatism.

* Jupiter enters Capricorn

Key-concepts: finding meaning and growth thorough discipline, hard work, big projects, realism, perseverance and patience; learning about the benefits of self-control and taking full charge of our responsibilities; defining the philosophy of integrity.

You can watch the video with the Romanian version of this article here.

Have a beautiful and fruitful week!